HLOUL offers its expertise in the design and implementation of intelligent business applications for enterprises across the Middle East and Africa.
  • We have solutions to help you better analyze your key performance indicators.
  • We have solutions to help you better know the quality of your sales force visits.
  • We have solutions to help you better plan your budgets.
We believe in closed loop approaches.
HLOUL helps you measure the impact of your promotional activities so you can better focus your actions and accurately hit your targets.
Who are we?
HLOUL, a member of Integrated Pharma Solutions Holding, is set by domain experts in Information Solutions and Business Intelligence applications. Our highly trained team of consultants collaborates with your team to offer you a complete set of solutions to your daily analysis needs as well as to your planning analysis needs.
What do we do?
We can assist you outline your business intelligence strategy, implement the tools needed to achieve this strategy, as well as maintain these tools to match with your evolving business requirements.

Define Your Business Intelligence Strategy
Implement the Tools For Your Business Intelligence Strategy
Plan your Budgets
Closed Loop Marketing for Sales Force
Clinical Trials Management System
Define Your Business Intelligence Strategy
The most critical success factor for a business intelligence program is to have a business intelligence strategy in place. We can help you design this strategy by answering questions like:
  • What information you’d need to measure?
  • How should they be measured?
  • Who should read those measures?
  • What actions to do after getting those measures?
Decide Based On Facts
Implement the Tools For Your Business
Intelligence Strategy
Once you have set your business intelligence strategy, we can help you design the tools needed to achieve this strategy. We use IBM Cognos platform to deliver quick, accurate and adaptable set of reports and dashboards to give you a complete insight on your enterprise performance.

We also offer an iPad layer using IBM Cognos Mobile app to deliver highly visual and interactive dashboards that you can browse, filter and analyze offline.
  • Design interactive dashboards and reports
  • Active reports allow you to filter and analyze data on the go, without any internet or VPN connection
  • No software installed: Just your web browser or your iPAD
  • Permanent Onsite licenses OR Push it all to the Cloud
Get the Facts

Plan your Budgets
Are you struggling to plan your budgets on error prone spreadsheets? Are you facing difficulties to consolidate multi-department budgets on multiple axis of analysis? What happens when the corporate management wants to run multiple scenarios or changes on the top figures to cascade down to the lowest levels of details? We can help you design and implement IBM Cognos Budget Planning application according to your enterprise’s needs and processes.
  • Interactive Budget Planning with multiple scenarios
  • Top Down and Bottom Up approaches at the same time
  • Track your performance versus your set budget
  • Workflow engine to streamline your budget planning exercise
Plan Based On Facts

Closed Loop Marketing for Sales Force
CLM is a set of processes used to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing interactions with your customers across multiple channels. It allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing messages and continuously adjust and focus them to better target your audience. It provides you with a personalized content to match your customers’ profiles and interests.
  • Get feedback on your marketing messages usage and approval rates
  • Animated, Interactive and Cross-Referenced content
  • Surveys and Quizzes
  • Customers' web portal for off-call review of content
  • Cloud hosting and Cloud based analytics
  • Samples & Literature request
  • Quotations, Sales Orders and Invoicing
  • Link with your existing CRM for Calls planning and execution
  • Live GPS location of your sales force
Close the Loop
Clinical Trials Management System
  • Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) is a web based system that allows the pharmaceutical sponsoring companies to create clinical trials, to define their protocols and to choose which research sites they’d like to participate in those trials. They can also define and track the target registrations and drop outs as well as follow up the related financial reimbursements.

    It also allows the participating research sites to enter the patients’ registration or dropout data, schedule their visits and enter the data related to every visit. The system gives them a complete track of their actual versus target registration/dropouts as well as their financial reimbursement requests for the sponsoring companies.

    A ready-made set of analytics complete the system and save long paper processing times for both the clinical research sites and the sponsoring companies.

IPS Genomix

It is my pleasure to recommend Hloul services, an innovative company I have worked with during the challenging period of the creation of IPS Genomix. During this year, our sales, marketing and medical teams have worked directly with Hloul team on numerous projects related to digital promotion, digital material adaptation, company website and movie creation and design, customer service software. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work.

Hloul contribution in our IPS Genomix project illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality. We received very positive feedback from our customers, teams and partners and we believe that their creativity and knowledge in information solutions and business intelligence applications related to healthcare domain contributed to our success during the launch.

Please consider Hloul for your key projects. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.


Rima Helou
Chief Operating Officer
IPS Genomix


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